The Office UNO Game Is On Its Way!

An office Uno game with cards
Credit: UNO

Our favorite sitcom and mockumentary may have ended seven years ago, but life keeps throwing us some little reminders of how brilliant the show is. And if you’re a big fan of the show, then this one is for you! Mattel has revealed that there is a special The Office edition of UNO coming our way. Our boredom may look to finally end with this!

The card game is based completely around the comedy series, featuring tons of our favorite characters. The cards feature images from the show and it’s characters, with plenty of Dwight and Michael Scott to keep us thoroughly entertained. This version of UNO will also have a huge twist based around The Office. The card game has introduced a new rule called ‘Kevin Malone’s Famous Chili’. If this card has been drawn by a player, then the player will then be forced to drop all their cards on the table. Of course, players are meant to do this in a manner similar to Kevin spilling his chili. One of our favorite cold opens ever. We already want to draw this card!

Kevin bringing in chili to the office
Credit: NBC

Pre-order it now!

The Office UNO will be available in July, which means it gives us plenty of time to pre-order the game ready for summer. The game is also extremely affordable, marked at only $5.99! Is it acceptable to purchase one for each family member?!

Players will be able to relive the show, with tons of references to Dunder Mifflin and the people that made the show so amazing. It seems we really can’t get enough of the show. Our love continues even years after the last episode aired. Netflix has recently announced it’s the most popular licensed content on the platform. And not to mention John Krasinki’s Some Good News YouTube Channel. The cast recently recreated the heartwarming wedding dance from Season 6 and it was too good. Scranton seems to have a huge place in many people’s hearts. And what better way to celebrate our love for the show than UNO! 2020 is looking up!

An uno game based on the office
Credit: UNO

There’s more games to choose from!

So if you are in the mood to binge-watch the show while simultaneously winning your family at The Office edition of UNO, then you can pre-order it here! Some cast members have spoken about a possible reunion in the future, similar to the recent Parks and Rec reunion episode that aired recently. This could mean the cards become a valuable asset in years to come! And don’t forget, if UNO isn’t your thing, there’s also an Office edition of Cluedo where players investigate who killed Toby! We’d put our money on Michael every time!