The Space Force Trailer Is Out!

People working in an office
Credit: Netflix

We’ve all been waiting what feels like years for Space Force to drop on Netflix. While millions of us have nothing better to do than binge-watch series, we’re all in need of a new series. In particular, one that we know will make us laugh hard. Space Force looks to serves us plenty of giggles. And there is now finally a trailer to give us a glimpse into whats to come!

The workplace comedy has a ton of familiar and hilarious faces. Of course, that includes the brilliant Steve Carell, which we can only imagine will have us dying with laughter. Carell also created the show alongside Greg Daniels, known best for his work on The Office. With this duo back working together, we can only imagine it’s going to be a masterpiece like our favorite mockumentary!

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Who else is super-excited?!

Space Force is based on the real-life US version, as the task force is in charge of a new branch of the US military. The show is said to be inspired by that famous 2018 Donald Trump speech and we cannot wait. Alongside Carell is a whole heap of famous faces, including Lisa Kudrow, Ben Schwartz, and John Malkovich. It’s going to be a good one ladies and gentlemen. Even watching Carell dance in his office alone is enough to make us want to watch this!

Space Force will finally hit Netflix with all 10 episodes on May 29th. That thankfully means we don’t have to wait too long. There is still some confusion as to how many episodes each ‘main character’ will appear in. As the release date gets closer, the number of episodes Carell appears in changes on IMDb, but the official Space Force Twitter account finally set the record straight. The trailer also sets us straight, as he looks to star in it the whole season! We need more Carell in our lives people, hurray!

A man stood with the moon behind him
Credit: Netflix

We’re counting down the days…

All episodes are set to drop at once, which means May 29th we will be turning our phones off and binging the whole first season! People are saying Space Force is reminding them of Threat Level Midnight’s Michael Scarn, and we couldn’t agree more! Until Space Force is released on the streaming service, would it wrong to keep repeatedly watching the trailer?!

We have a Space Force Facebook group dedicated to updates about the comedy! Check it out!