Umbrella Academy Season 2 Is On Its Way

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Credit: Netflix

To say all we’ve been doing is watching Netflix shows would be the understatement of the year. With not much else to do other than binge-watch anything on the streaming service, we have started to run out of things to watch. Some of our favorites have finally come back for a second season, including the recent release of Dead To Me. And now, it’s just been announced that Umbrella Academy is coming back to Netflix on July 31st!

The comic book thriller is heading to the streaming service for a second installment in July, with the first season proving to be a huge hit for the platform. The announcement has seriously cheered us up, not only because it’s great news that another season is heading to us very soon, but the way in which it was announced. The video shows the cast filming themselves to Tiffany’s ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’. Cast members would usually be promoting the show with interviews and red carpet appearances, but with the world on lockdown, this was the next best thing. And boy do we love it!

We’re so glad we don’t have to wait long!

The Umbrella Academy follows members of a clan all with unique powers. The family was put together by their billionaire father, but they must work together when he tragically dies. Based on My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way’s graphic novel, Umbrella Academy fact became one of the most popular series. Featuring massive stars including Ellen Page and Robert Sheehan, fans are ecstatic that a brand new season is coming in the summer. But what can we expect for Season 2?

Jeff Russo hinted at some big changes to the new season. He described season two as ‘a thrill ride’ as Russo indicated that there is a ‘big change in setting’. While familiar faces will be returning, there will be some new additions to the series. Yusef Gatewood has joined the cast in Season 2, playing Raymond ‘a born leader and devoted husband’. We’ve not been given too much information, meaning the newest season will be a surprise to us all!

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Credit: Netflix

Summer 2020 is looking up!

The summer was starting to look incredibly bleak, with no end to the pandemic just yet. But with a new season of The Umbrella Academy heading to Netflix on Friday, July 31st, it’s making us feel a little bit happier!

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