What’s Next For Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

Since it hit our screens back in 2013, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s popularity has only grown. But what’s next for Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

The show was originally owned by FOX until they abruptly cancelled the show back in 2018 before swiftly being picked up by NBC. It instantly provided laughs, catchphrases and memes galore with diverse characters and developing relationships. There has been something for everyone in-between the humour and action crime fighting and of course the relationship of Jake and Amy.

Two people getting married
Credit: NBC

We’ve seen our lovable goofball Peralta grow to a more sensible goofball over time. We’ve seen promotions and demotions and villains who turn into good guys, but what’s next for the show? Well, here’s what we don’t want…

So many shows follow the same pattern with relationships becoming the main plot in the later seasons whilst humour gets left behind. According to Stastista, The Big Bang Theory found its peak at Season 7 with over 20 million viewers (as of 2019). By the final Season however these numbers fell to 17 million where it felt as if the show was delaying inevitable end.

Let’s be honest, we would hate to see the same thing happen to our beloved Brookyln Nine-Nine and we hope that the perfect balance between story and humour is maintained for the seasons to come!

One thing we can obviously expect to see (SPOILER ALERT) is the further development of Peraltiago as they venture into parenthood. This is clearly going to be a main focus for the show, we just hope other characters and story lines won’t get lost along the way.

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