You Can Now Recreate Stranger Things Recipes?!

A recipe book title
Credit: Amazon

Something we never knew we needed, yet we really really want it. Many of us are still indoors, with not much left to do other than binge-watch our favorite shows and eat the contents of the fridge. And this new product could seriously satisfy both these interests. There’s an ‘Ultimate Stranger Things Recipe Book’ and we need it now!

The book has been created to ‘discover all the delicious things mentioned in the hit TV series’. With tons of food mentioned in the Netflix hit, we think this is a perfect way to pass the time. And if you’re a huge fan of the show, an amazing way to recreate food from the show. The recipe books feature Eleven’s favorite food Eggo’s and Dustin’s ultimate candy, nougat. And that’s just to name a few!

A girl taking food out of a freezer
Credit: Netflix

We want to make it all!

There are 30 recipes that users can cook up – that’s a whole month of Stranger Things themed food! There are so many recipes and we wouldn’t know where to start. The book includes KFC style chicken, meatloaf, lasagna, hot dog on a stick, glazed donuts, and Stranger Things signature scrambled eggs. The book is a great gift idea if you seriously love Stranger Things. And with no date for Season 4 as of yet, this should pass the time until the latest series drops!

Speaking of Season 4, there’s been tons of speculation about what’s to come. For months we thought Hopper had died, but thankfully the teaser trailer reassured us all that Hopper is, in fact, alive and well. Joe Keery recently spoke out and said that Season 4 will be the scariest yet. We seriously can’t wait till Netflix releases the series, most probably in 2021. And with this recipe book, we will most definitely have s Stranger Things themed party! Now that sounds a dream!

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Credit: Amazon

If you are wanting the recipe book, head over to Amazon to purchase your very own guide book on how to cook like a Stranger Things specialist!