You Can Now Use Your Google Stadia Controller Wirelessly, It Only Took 5 Months

Gaming controllers on a table top
Credit: Google, Microsoft, Sony

Between launching in November and now the only way to connect your Google Stadia controller, wirelessly was on Chromecast Ultra Devices. If you are one to play games on Desktop or Laptops, then you had to use the USB Type-C provided.

Now in a “this week on Stadia” update post, it was announced that you can use wireless functionality on PC. You will no longer have to use your USB Type-C cable to connect your Google Stadia Controller to you laptop or PC. The functionality is currently rolling out across the platform to users. You can now finally have your play sessions wire-free.

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This was a small update but something that most controllers are able to do. It still seems like Google Stadia is a little behind on some technology when paving the way in others. Look out for an update to your Google Stadia Controller soon, so you can go completely wireless.