13 Reasons Why Season 4 Is Out Now

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Credit: Netflix

The Netflix series that got everyone talking is finally coming to an end, as it’s fourth and final season has come out today. 13 Reasons Why is saying goodbye, as it’s final episodes are now available on the streaming service. Will we ever get answers? Will Clay and the gang get a happy ending after all the turmoil they have been through? Guess we’ll have to find out…

For many of you that haven’t binge-watched season 4 already (congrats if you have), the last chapter focuses on the aftermath of what happened to Monty. The episodes will also focus on how each tries and live after the series of tragic events that have occurred. Tyler’s gun was found in Season 3, meaning the newest season will highlight how the friends will deal with this information resurfacing.

The beginning of the end…

13 Reasons Why, inspired by Jay Asher’s novel, hasn’t been without its controversies in the past. Season 1 of the teen-drama was viewed by millions. But many called for more warnings to be put on the series. The first season highlights the story of Hannah Baker, as she creates tapes for people explaining why she commits suicide. The end of the first season illustrates the way in which Hannah decides to end her life, with experts calling to take the scene down. Netflix eventually removed it from the show, with people praising Netflix for being more sensitive. Season 2 also includes a gruesome scene, with Tyler this time shown being abused in the bathroom. Although these are incredibly difficult moments to watch, 13 Reasons Why has been applauded for highlighting the abuse that goes unnoticed.

Season 4 looks set to introduce more characters, with many speculating why Bryce appeared in the season 4 trailer. It seems the final series will close the chapter on the show. The showrunner Brian Yorker explains that four seasons felt perfect because high school is four years long. Reports have suggested that 13 Reasons Why is one of Netflix’s pricier purchases. With Paramount TV producing the drama, it means the streaming service has to pay a licensing fee. Fans love the show enough for it to be worthwhile!

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Ready, set, binge!

The last season is available now, so if you can’t wait to see what happens then you should check it out now. June is a great month for brand new content on the platform. Check out what else you should keep an eye on! If you love to be part of a community, we have a Netflix Facebook group focusing on chatting about shows and tv!