Bunkers in Apex Legends Opening Soon

Apex Legends Character, Loba standing infront of bunker
Credit: Respawn, Apex Legends

Season 5 of Apex Legends launched early May and players instantly found an open bunker in the King’s Canyon map. Whilst the loot inside was a bit disappointing, players also found multiple other bunkers, all locked up.

Now from a potential leak, it might seem that the new closed bunkers will open very soon. A dataminer thinks we me in for more excitement as those bunkers will open up with new exciting loot inside.

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The bunkers will open up on different days all across the map, according to the dataminer, Shrugtal.

At the end of June and into July, the four remaining bunkers will open up, starting on June 16. Each bunker will contain legendary items, including Legendary Knockdown Shield, as well as a Golden Prowler, Sentinel and Havoc Weapons.

  • Terminal F-85 Station, opening June 16-23: Legendary Knockdown Shield
  • Terminal Station W-73, opening June 23-30: Golden Prowler
  • Terminal Station O-240, opening June 30-July 7: Golden Sentinel 
  • Terminal Station L-19, opening July 7-14: Golden Havoc 

Rearranging the names of the bunkers in Apex Legends, called Terminal Stations, players have noticed that the letters spell out ‘WOLF’. A reference to the newest Apex character added in season 5, Loba.

If Shrugtal is correct, all four bunkers will be open, ready for players to loot by July 14. You won’t have to find access cards or solve puzzles in order to open them. We have seen signs of other potential new characters in the game inside new areas added. Like the Wraith teleport bunker. In there, if you broke a door and climbed over a box you would see an Easter egg to the next character, Crypto. Could we see signs of the next Apex Legends character in these bunkers?