Disney Plus No Longer Offers Free Trial

The Disney + logo
Credit: Disney

With the number of streaming services available to millions of people increasing each year, a free trial is usually offered. Users can then get a real taste of what they pay for. This, of course, is a successful business strategy. Netflix even recently announced that they are removing accounts that have started their free trial but have been paying without watching content, meaning Netflix has made millions from forgetful users. But in a big move this week, Disney Plus has announced they will no longer offer a free trial!

Disney+ may only be a couple of months old, but it’s made a huge impact in the world of streaming services. While it doesn’t have the popularity of Netflix, its content has proven a big hit. But the company will no longer promote a free trial in the run-up to its newest summer releases. The service offers a seven-day free trial. But to avoid millions misusing this offer to binge on it’s newest content, Disney+ is testing this marketing approach to see if people need an incentive to watch its expanding catalog. 

The Disney + catalog
Credit: Disney

Free trials could be a thing of the past!

The world of entertainment is ever-growing, with new competitors entering the market often. With Disney’s established brand name, the company doesn’t have to rely on marketing tactics to entice new customers. The film version of Broadway hit Hamilton is hitting the service soon. This means many who were intending to use the free trial will instead have to commit. Hamilton was intended to hit cinemas in October 2021, but the global pandemic has sent the movie to the streaming service. Looks like many may have to pay the subscription fee if they want to see it!

And that’s not the only exciting new content coming to Disney+. Frozen 2 will be heading to a number of countries (it is already available in the US). This means parents may have to enter their credit card details if their child is looking to watch the Disney smash hit. Disney’s timing to remove the option to test the service for free is poignant – could other streaming services follow suit?

The frozen 2 poster
Credit: Disney

Is this the right decision for Disney?

A rep for the company has announced that “the service was set at an attractive price-to-value proposition that we believe delivers a compelling entertainment offering on its own.” This could change in the future if Disney sees a dramatic change in subscriber count. People in the past have joked about creating new emails to cheat the system, but other streaming services may catch on to this. 2020 could be the year we all pay for our own accounts!