Even Lisa Kudrow Doesn’t Understand THAT Space Force Plot

Maggie in space force
Credit: Netflix

Space Force crash-landed on Netflix at the end of May, sending everyone into a frenzy as we finally got the workplace comedy we never knew we needed. Steve Carell and Greg Daniels teamed up again to create magic, as the Netflix Original is the first project the duo worked on after smash hit The Office. By now, millions of us have binge-watched the show. But fans have still been questioning one storyline that never gets an explanation. And that is, why is Lisa Kudrow’s character in prison?

The actress recently revealed that even she is confused about why Maggie, Mark Naird’s wife, finds herself spending time locked up. In the first episode alone, time jumps and we see Kudrow’s Character in prison with no explanation. Space Force follows Naird and his team as they send people to the moon. But while we get a great insight into Carell’s character, we are left wondering why his wife is serving time in prison…

Maggie in prison
Credit: Netflix

Lisa Kudrow has no clue!

Thankfully, we aren’t the only ones questioning why Maggie is imprisoned. In a recent video chat, Kudrow talks about the Friends Reunion we’ve all been excited for. But the actress also touches upon her Space Force character. When asked about her character in the comedy, Kudrow says “Yes, I did have cornrows. That wasn’t a wig. Of course, I’m asking, “Now, why is she in prison?”.  The imprisonment has left us all questioning what possibly could Maggie have done. But that seems to be part of the reason why the writers chose to do so, leaving it down to the viewer’s imagination. Kudrow went on to say that “I think they just didn’t want to commit to what that was. That’s a fun thing to tease out, I think.” How frustrating, we just want to know!

Space Force hasn’t been met with open arms, but it seems the viewers have won this time round. Before Space Force officially dropped, critics announced their reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes rating the sitcom only 40%. Subscribers couldn’t get enough, with calls for more than 10 episodes. Viewers may have been expecting a show similar to NBC’s The Office, but this was not the case. Space Force has also hit more controversy in recent weeks, as it is now in a trademark war with the official Space Force!

Maggie and mark in space force
Credit: Netflix

We definitely need a second season!

Any of you who have watched the show will know that Maggie does in fact escape prison with her lover, leaving season 1 on a juicy cliffhanger. This has meant many are left wondering whether another season will be coming to the streaming service. While there has been no official statement, Greg Daniels has said that he is already planning future episodes. Let’s hope we get some answers!