EXCLUSIVE: Stanley Hudson from The Office is back?!

Stanley from The Office
Credit: Leslie David Baker

Something is coming. Stanley is coming out of retirement.

In the video about Leslie Baker who seems to be in his role as Stanley says; “So you wanted to know how to get me out of retirement? Well, now you know”.

The video seems to suggest that Leslie Baker the man who plays one of our favorite employees (Stanley Hudson) is ready to come back from retirement and show us his life after Dunder Mifflin. 

Along with the video we also got sent the following link:

The news of an office reunion has been passed around a million times and normally ends in ‘Maybe one day’. So is this cryptic message is the closest we might get to see the team back together again? Maybe!

We’ve been told very little so far about what Stanley is cooking up but by the looks of the video, he seems to be well and truly in Florida mode. More information is due to come on Thursday! So make sure you check back then to find out more.