Greg Daniels Already Planning Space Force Season 2

Steve Carell giving a speech in Space Force
Credit: Netflix

It’s already had a controversial mix of reviews, but it looks like that hasn’t bother Greg Daniels. The workplace comedy that dropped on Netflix on May 29th has a possible season 2 in the pipeline. While nothing has been confirmed by the streaming service, co-creator Greg Daniels has spoken out about his plans for the show. We are very excited about this!

Most sitcoms usually have a reputation for getting better after the first season. What’s saying that Space Force isn’t the same? Initial ratings from critics were pretty dire, with many people’s expectations may be a bit too high. What viewers may be frequently getting wrong is that this is NOT The Office. While it may be led by Steve Carell and have the same creator, what people are forgetting is to stop comparing the shows. The cast has even spoken out about the contrast. But reports are suggesting there will more than likely be a second series coming…

More episodes are already planned and written…

Daniels has suggested that he is planning more episodes of Space although it has not yet been officially renewed by Netflix. The series ends on a cliffhanger, leading to speculation that another season will be on the cards. With so much left to our imagination, including the crew stranded on the moon and General Mark Naird facing some serious consequences, we’re bound to get at least one more season to answer the questions we’re dying to know.

The comedy’s potential return was suggested by Daniels, speaking out recently to say: “We’re certainly hoping for a few more seasons, and we have started to assemble the senior writers to discuss what would happen next year”. The writers are in talks about future seasons, with Daniels explaining that they are figuring out what the storyline will be as “there’s a lot to follow up on based on where we ended”. Netflix usually varies on how long they commit to another season, usually focusing on how the audience reacts to the show. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that another season will be brought to the platform.

A girl working on Space Force
Credit: Netflix

How can we ensure there will be another season?

Like we said previously, Space Force has received a mixed bag of reviews. With expectations high after cult-favorite The Office, it was expected that Space Force may not meet our tick list. We hope that Netflix does renew the show for another season, if anything to redeem people’s disappointment. Reports suggest that Netflix’s algorithm works by using data from a series. This is how many people watch in the first 30 days, watching all episodes available. Netflix also focuses on users who rewatch the series and post about the content on social media. We believe another season will be on the horizon. Daniels will have to promise that more episodes will be worth it!

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