How Queer Eye Made One Woman’s Business Go Viral

The Queer Eye cast
Credit: Netflix

The Netflix show we all definitely needed in 2020. The heartwarming series recently came out with the 5th season, and boy we were not ready! If the show didn’t make us cry like a baby enough, seeing the success stories is recently something special. And this one, in particular, seems to have taken the world by storm…

The Fab Five worked their magic on Rahanna Gray’s life. Gray owned a mobile dog grooming business, btu the van she used was no longer working. This meant her customer instead had to come to her. With this affecting business, the Fab Five revamped her whole life with a brand new vehicle. The team come togetehr to also work on branding and expanding Gray’s horizon. And using their words of wisdom seems to have paid off!

Queer Eye’s impact has been astounding!

Gray learned so many lessons from the Fab Five, taking it all in her stride. With this new information and lease of life, she has gradually been implementing changes to her dog grooming business. The show was filmed last year, and while their advice changed her business for the better, since the show aired her business has completely boomed. Gray has described being on the show as ‘the best experience’, with her newfound confidence bringing in customers from far and wide!

The Netflix series has been a fan favorite for quite some time, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does each individual story pull at your heartstrings, but seeing their success makes you genuinely feel proud that you are part of their journey. Gray’s Stylish Pooch business has gone viral, with her Instagram followers increasing by thousands each day. What Rahanna took from the show will remain with her for life, as she says the biggest lesson she took from the experience was to better love yourself. Tan France advised the entrepreneur to ‘look in the mirror and say what I love about me’. They do say you have to love yourself before anyone else can. And it looks like it also works in the business world.

Rahanna from Queer eye walking down the aisle
Credit: Netflix

The only way is up for Rahanna!

Gray’s business looks set to grow even further, all because of the help of the Fab Five. Queer Eye highlights that with determination and flair, we can all accomplish what we want. After appearing on the show, Gray used all the advice she was given to work on her relationships and business, announcing to clients that she would be charging more for her services. She now has merch and dog treats coming to the business! With the help of Antoni, she created recipes which she now says are selling like hotcakes. Starring on Netflix’s Queer Eye has seriously changed her life. You go, girl!

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