Is Netflix Becoming The New Home of Reality TV?

The Too Hot to Handle cast
Credit: Netflix

There isn’t much Netflix gets wrong, with reality tv now under the streaming service’s belt. It’s a move we didn’t expect, yet somehow it’s proving to be a huge success for the platform. There are plenty of competing services dedicated to offering users tons of reality content. Yet Netflix seems to be above the rest still. Why is it now so popular? And is Netflix setting the standard for quality reality TV?

Reality Television can be a bit of taboo subject. While millions are obsessed with reality programs, there are people who couldn’t think of anything worse. Which could be why it has now become so popular on the streaming service. Netflix shows and films can be found trending on social media daily. While posts may not necessarily be recommending content, what sometimes forces users to watch a Netflix show is to join in on the conversation. Can reality TV be trash? Absolutely. Does that mean we stop watching it? No, because where’s the fun in that. We all love to be included in a community. Netflix provides a platform for reality TV to be brought to us.

Netflix Reality TV choices
Credit: Netflix

We can’t get enough of Reality TV…

A study way back in 2016 found that 1 in 10 people would describe their love of reality shows as an ‘obsession’. Furthermore, 18-24-year-olds were surveyed, with 57% revealing that they feel sad when their favorite reality tv show came to an end. With reality TV content increasing, we can only imagine these statistics have also. With Netflix continuing to diversify its original content, it made sense for the company to test the waters when it comes to reality TV. While other competing streaming services have also tried this, why is it Netflix that has hit the nail on the head?

Platforms such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video license reality programs similar to Netflix, offering a plethora of content created by other production companies. Netflix also does this, with some of the most popular reality programs such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians now showing. But what Netflix has perfected is the ingredients to its own unique content. We’ve seen plenty of dating shows in our time. Love Island set the bar very high. But Netflix has now created its own reality shows that has created a place for reality tv to love and breathe. Just this year alone, both Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle landed on Netflix. Within weeks, viewership was hitting the millions. For two new premises, this is insane.

A Love is blind couple proposing
Credit: Netflix

It’s all about choice AND experience.

And it doesn’t end there. Queer Eye is now in its fifth season, a fan favorite of users. Netflix has even pushed the boundaries of reality television by offering viewers a virtual experience. You vs. Wild starring Bear Grylls allows users to decide what happens on a real-life adventure. The power is now in the user’s hands, something other platforms have not yet achieved. Netflix really can do anything.

So has Netflix become the home of reality TV? We believe yes. The service has somehow made reality television more popular than it ever was before. As it introduces a new way for us to binge on reality, it seems it’s everyones go to for fabulous reality content. With exciting premises and the opportunity to binge the show in one night, Netflix manages to hook us as consumers on to their fishing rod. That alongside social media creates the perfect recipe for reality TV to live and flourish on the platform.

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