It’s No Longer Netflix & Chill – Study Shows TV is Killing Our Passion

A cup saying just one more episode
Credit: Netflix

It’s a term many of us have thrown about now and again. The phrase that Millenials made famous, Netflix and Chill wasn’t something that was meant literally. While people 50+ thought Netflix and Chill was a cool saying referring to sitting down with a cup of coffee and enjoying the streaming service, it instead meant for many the background noise while couples got down to it. But while 2020 has been shocking for a plethora of reasons, it seems its the year for settling into a calmer life. Yet that’s right – we literally prefer binging on our favorite tv shows than getting hot under the covers!

According to new research, technology is killing our desire to get passionate, with Netflix one of a number of reasons why we are having less sex. Box sets, along with social media are our number favorite hobbies above physical pleasure, with 1 in 4 18-24-year-olds not having sex for over 12 months. And with the choice Netflix offers alongside competing streaming services, it looks like this won’t be changing anytime soon.

The netflix logo on a condom
Credit: Netflix

The findings are pretty incredible. 10,000 people studied to see the connection between the internet and the lack of bedroom activity. The study found that celibacy has doubled among 25 to 34-year-olds since the internet has revolutionized. No longer are we switching off at night, with many of us watching hours of movies and series instead of other important activities. But the problems don’t end there, as lack of intimacy can lead to an increase in heart disease. Is our obsession with Netflix actually killing us?!

But while experts say ‘the supply of online entertainment is competing with sexual activity’, that may all soon change with Netflix’s newest release. While popular content, such as Tiger King or Ozark, might not be urging us to get active in the bedroom, Netflix’s latest movie could create a baby boom! 365 Days has had the whole world talking, deemed the movie that makes 50 Shades of Grey look mild. The film has been at the top of the trending page for over a week. Millions of people have described 365 Days as ‘soft porn’. Looks like worlds might collide this time, and Netflix could influence people to increase their sexual activity!

365 days poster
Credit: Netflix

Oh, how times have changed. You were once cool for having plenty of sex. But now it’s who is the first to binge a brand new series. We can’t complain though, Netflix has been providing some stellar content. And if this article applies to you, and Netflix has turned fof your sex life, it’s worth trying 365 Days. Trust us – the acting isn’t great, but the term Netflix and Chill will be brought back in style!