Netflix is Being Sued Over New Sherlock Holmes Film

Enola holmes
Credit: Netflix

Netflix was excited to show fans their newest venture, as users recently got a glimpse of the streaming service’s take on Sherlock Holmes. But already, that has come crashing down, as news has broken that the estate of Sherlock Holmes creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is suing Netflix regarding their upcoming movie. Oh no!

Netflix’s film is based on Enola Holmes, written by author Nancy Springer. The movie has a star-studded line of actors, including Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter, and Netflix alumni Millie Bobby Brown. Brown plays Enola Holmes, the sister of Sherlock Holmes with exceptional talents. This is where it gets confusing – the author, along with Netflix, is being sued because Millie Bobby Brown’s Character is not part of the original Sherlock Holmes storyline. This new take on the famous story has meant the new movie is a copyright infringement…

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Credit: Netflix

There will be a jury and everything!

The lawsuit details how the streaming platform has not given a true depiction of Sherlock Holmes and therefore there is a trademark issue. According to the estate suing Netflix, Sherlock Holmes’s character has been changed over the past decade,. Therefore meaning Sir Arthur’s original creation has been changed without permission. New character traits were introduced, with Holmes becoming more emotional, but portraying this in Enola Holmes would represent copyright infringement.

This isn’t the only time Doyle’s estate has gone after production companies regarding Sherlock Holmes. The Doyle Estate attempted to sue Miramax over the 2015 Mr. Holmes, but the lawsuit was settled outside of court. It may be a different story for Netflix. Especially as the estate has fought similar cases and complaints in the past, with lawyers even requesting a jury trial. it looks like things could get nasty!

The new sherlock holmes movie
Credit: Netflix

The movie will be hitting the service soon…

Enola Holmes is available on Netflix in September. And while we can’t wait to see Netflix’s brand new movie, the excitement has been tainted with lawsuits flying about. If Doyle’s estate wins, who knows what will happen to the film? Especially as Netflix is struggling for content due to the pandemic. Let’s hope things get sorted soon…