Netflix Predicted To Hit 200m Subscribers

The netflix logo and tv remote
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has been the hotspot for millions of people. When the pandemic hit and many of us were told to stay indoors, we all couldn’t imagine the boredom that would come. Thankfully, everyone’s favorite streaming service came to the rescue. With new content dropping daily, Netflix has been a godsend to so many people. We recently reported that Netflix welcomes approximately 16 million new users to the platform. And it seems it’s only just getting bigger and better…

Research has found that if Netflix carries on with these kinds of numbers, the service should hit over 200 million subscribers by the end of June. Furthermore,  their quarterly revenue could be over $6 billion! No-one could anticipate the effect the coronavirus outbreak would have, with Netflix remaining one of the only businesses to flourish in the past few months. And that’s not the only good news for the company…

The netflix start up screen
Credit: Netflix

The increase in subscribers has happened worldwide, but growth has been particularly strong in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Canada also forms a third of all subscriber figures, amazing news for the company that just keeps getting better and better. In many cases, a good business month would mean there has been an increase in monthly revenue per membership. But instead of increasing fees, Netflix has worked on expanding the market. The service even plans to have 100 million subscribers in India alone!

The increase in popularity cant be put down solely to the pandemic. Netflix has released some amazing content in the past few months. Space Force, Tiger King, and movies such as Extraction have seen millions of viewers I the first week alone. Because of this, it seems subscribers have joined the service, especially as Netflix topics trend on social media on a regular occurrence. With these numbers, Netflix will seriously have to bring us some stellar new series and films!

Space force
Credit: Netflix

While for many 2020 was a pretty diabolical year, Netflix seems to have won over the hearts of millions. At the end of 2019, Netflix had over 167 million subscribers. That means in just 6 months, 34 million new users have joined. With new competition coming in thick and fast this year, including Disney+ and HBO Max, could Netflix see their rate slow? God only knows – but we love you Netflix!