Netflix’s After Life Set For A Christmas Special

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Credit: Netflix

Everyone has been loving fan favorite After Life. Netflix released the second season several weeks ago. Millions of viewers binged the show, calling for more series as they just couldn’t get enough. Ricky Gervais, the creator of the Netflix show alongside popular The Office, announced that the amazing reaction led to the decision that a third season would be on its way. But the phenomenal success of the show doesn’t stop there. We could also be getting a Christmas special!

Gervais is known for creating a special one-off episode at Christmas time. After Life looks like another series that will be getting the same treatment. Gervais, who not only stars in the show but also writes and directs it, has been asked to meet with Netflix bosses. The streaming service wants to discuss a festive special of After Life. Let’s hope this episode won’t have us crying into our hands!

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Everyone just can’t get enough!

After Life follows Tony as he struggles to cope after the passing of his wife to cancer. The series is adored by fans as it balances humor with heartache, with Gervais applauded for the portrayal of dealing with loss. The Christmas special could be an hour-long. Great news for fans disappointed that the six-episode series are only 30 minutes long each. There is yet to be confirmation, especially as the pandemic has halted production around the world. But things are finally looking up, and we can’t wait!

Since the second series aired, there have been tons of reports that After Life has become a huge hit on Netflix. According to a number of sources, Gervais has been offered £5 million to continue making more series, with specials also included in the fee. The actor was astounded at how much After Life was loved by fans. Gervais told The Hollywood Reporter that he had plans to retire soon, but Netflix made him an offer he ‘couldn’t refuse’. After Life headed straight to the number one spot the minute it was dropped on Netflix, proving that viewers are obsessed. What could the Christmas special bring us?

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An Xmas special is what we all need!

Things are finally looking up for Tony. The emotional rollercoaster looks set to settle, as the last episode seen Tony and Emma agree to make things work. The emotional response to the series meant After Life is set to continue. Gervais has famously said in the past that he usually has a two-season rule. The British star usually leaves a project before the format grows old, but the emotional feedback pressured Gervais into rethinking his plans. With many of us grieving at this time, After Life feels like a warm hug for us all to enjoy. We are relieved that more seasons are coming. And a Christmas special is what we need to end this terrible year.