Netflix’s Newest Movie Scores 0% On Rotten Tomatoes

A man holding a gun
Credit: Netflix

Sometimes the streaming service gets it right. And sometimes the streaming service gets it oh so wrong. On this occasion, it seems to be the latter. Netflix recently dropped The Last Days of American Crime, a two and a half-hour long action thriller movie. But for many, that is time they will never get back!

The movie synopsis is described as “two men and a woman plan the heist of the century before a government-broadcast signal wipes out crime forever”. Sounds like something many of us would like to watch. But according to Rotten Tomatoes, the Netflix Original is not worth anyone’s time. The movie site which measures a movie or series quality savagely rated The Last Days of American Crime 0%! That’s got to hurt.

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Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

Looks like Netflix has a flop…

It’s rare to see a movie reviewed so poorly, but The Last Days of American Crime has joined the likes of one of only 3 films. The Ridiculous 6 and Gotti are the only other films to receive 0%. This means that every single critic will have rated the movie has negative. Viewers of the crime film also note that it sets itself up for a sequel. Could these reviews change this?

The streaming giant will most likely be unaffected by these types of ratings. While they will want critics to enjoy their content, negative reviews don’t always affect the popularity of a series or movie. Look at recent hit Space Force. Critics disliked the workplace comedy, but the show has already been viewed millions of times by households, receiving praise around the world. The Last Days of American Crime has so far been described as ‘instantly forgettable’. One critic went as far to describe the movie as a movie that shouldn’t even exist in the first place’. We bet Netflix wasn’t looking for that kind of interpretation.

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Credit: Netflix

Will you be watching?

TLDAC is based on a 2009 graphic novel, following Graham Bricke as he plans a heist after the death of his brother. The movie only dropped on Netflix on June 5th, so there’s still some time to increase its ratings. The audience score rates the film 21%, so it’s not looking too promising. If you want to form your own opinion, head over to Netflix to catch the film. Although we doubt you would be in a hurry too!