Office Fans Have Voted MICHAEL SCARN As Their Best Celebrity Cameo!

Michael Scarn in Threat Level Midnight
Credit: NBC

The Office has had many celebrity cameos over the 9-year span the mockumentary aired. There have been plenty of familiar faces appearing in the sitcom, but which have been our favorites? Well, a recent Metro poll asked Office fans to choose which A-List cameo was their favorite – and surprisingly enough, Steve Carell himself won the poll playing Michael Scarn!

Viewers have been blessed with a number of stars over the nine seasons of The Office. From Jim Carrey to Kathy Bates, there have been tons of amazing actors to appear on the sitcom. What is more hilarious is the fact that office fans felt Steve Carell deserved the number one spot, not for playing Michael Scott, but Michael Scarn in Threat Level Midnight. Although Carell starred in the comedy for seven seasons, fans still felt he deserved the honor of winning the best celebrity cameo role – amazing!

Kathy Bates in The Office
Credit: NBC

Here are the rankings of celebrity cameos:

  • 1st – Michael Scarn (Steve Carell)
  • 2nd – David Brent (Ricky Gervais)
  • 3rd – Charles Miner (Idris Elba) and Deangelo Vickers (Will Ferrell)
  • 4th – Robert California (James Spader)
  • 5th – Katy Moore (Amy Adams) and Finger Lake Guy (Jim Carrey)
  • 6th – Merv Bronte (Ray Romano)
  • 7th – Captain Jack (Rob Riggle) and Danny Cordray (Timothy Olyphant)
  • 8th – Christian (Tim Meadows)
  • Joint last – Jo Bennett (Kathy Bates), Fred Henry (Will Arnett), Erin’s Mum (Joan Cusack), and Pizza Delivery Guy (Kevin McHale).

Michael Scarn received 29% of the vote, as fans are still obsessed with Threat Level Midnight to this day! There are a number of surprises within the list though. Rocky Gervais’ character David Brent came a close second with 21% of the vote. While people love the nostalgia of David Brent, as the UK version is the reason the US version exists, David Brent only appeared in one cold open. Gervais’ impact was a pretty big one though! Charles Miner and Deangelo Vickers came third with 10% of the vote. Fans of The Office usually describe both of these characters as irritating, with both playing the boss at times in the show when Michael Scott leaves.

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While we mostly agree with how the cameos have ranked, we are shocked to see that certain celebrities weren’t mentioned. Luke, Michael’s nephew, played by Evan Peters didn’t make the cut. Jack Black, Jessica Alba, and Christian Slater have also been missed out on the vote. We can’t believe that will all the cameos made in Dunder Mifflin, the great Michael Scarn still made it to number one!

The oscar-winning performance of The Office cast can be seen below. We really do wish that Threat Level Midnight had a sequel (it’s what we need in 2020). While there have been plenty of celebrity cameos, we can understand why fans have voted for the great Michael Scarn as number one. If only Goldenface could see…

Credit: YouTube