Steve Carell’s Newest Movie Gets Poor Reviews

Steve Carell in Irresistible
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It’s not been the best time for Steve Carell recently. While we’ve been excited to see him back on our screens, both in movies and series, critics think otherwise. Reviews have been pretty harsh over the last month. First, Netflix Original Space Force received terrible reviews, and now his latest film has been rated incredibly low. Say it isn’t so!

Critics have not held back when commenting on Irresistible, starring Steve Carell and Rose Bryne. One calls Irresistible “a flaccid, toothless, supercilious political non-satire for liberals too fastidious to take sides or take action”. Both Space Force and Irresistible are based on American politics. Not only does the timing seem a little off, but according to critics, both are a bland take on current events.

Steve carell starring in his newest movie
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It looks like Irresistible won’t be winning any Oscars…

Critic’s opinions don’t always predict the success of a movie or series. The audience is the ultimate decider, and as we’ve seen with Space Force, fans beat critics in their decision to deem the Netflix series as worthy. With this in mind, critics have not minced their words when it comes to Irresistible. Many have been disappointed with the storyline, with one critic suggesting that the movie builds up to a big plot twist just to be let down, calling it a ‘bland cop-out’. Ouch.

Irresitible synopsis describes the movie as:

A Democratic political consultant helps a retired Marine colonel run for mayor in a small Wisconsin town“.

With Carell playing the lead, critics were expecting belly laughs, but his acting skills have been reported as ‘dull’. The Office fans especially love to see Carell appear in other projects, as Michael Scott remains a cult-character. But Irresitible could be a disappointment if fans were expecting anything similar to the mockumentary. One film critic has gone as far as to say that “any single TV episode of Veep or Parks and Recreation has far more wit, fun and political zap than this great big laugh-free feast of self-congratulatory dullness”.

Steve carell getting his face licked
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See for yourself!

It’s not all bad news though. Some critics have given the comedy credit, expressing that Irresitible is a ‘timely and smart political satire’. Not everyone’s comedic tastes are the same, and it seems writer/director Jon Stewart hasn’t pleased many with this one. If you want to form your own opinion on the movie, Irresistible hits digital streams on June 26th. We just love seeing Steve Carell back in action.

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