Stranger Things Season 4 Script Is Complete

Stranger Things 4 Poster
Credit Netflix

It seems that 2020 hasn’t brought any good news so far, well we are happy to finally change that as it has been announced that the Stranger Things season 4 script has been completed.

The announcement was made by the official writers room twitter account for the show:

So that’s the good news, the bad news is that filming was already underway back in February. This was however halted in March due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and no update has been given on when filming will continue.

No doubt fans will want a few answers after watching the trailer for Stranger Things season 4 in which we saw a very much alive, but imprisoned Hopper:

Credit Netflix Stranger Things

We left season 3 under the impression that Hopper had died in an explosion when attempting to close a gate to the Upside Down. However fans were in doubt that this was the case shortly after the episode was aired, with many pointing out the ladder which Hopper may have used to get to safety before the explosion.

Credit Netflix Stranger Things

Season 4 was supposed to be available on Netflix next April, however the events this year may result in this date being pushed back.

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