Terry Crews Announces That B99 Will Reflect Current Events

Terry and holt speaking in the office
Credit: NBC

We recently reported on Brooklyn Nine’Nine’s important scene in season 4’s ‘Moo-moo’. Based on Terry’s character, he is stopped by the police for no reason other than the color of his skin. While we applaud the comedy for highlighting race issues, many have called for the sitcom to be a realistic depiction of the police force. It looks like a change is about to come. Terry Crews has opened up about the future of the show and how there will be changes in the next season…

Terry spoke to Seth Meyers to talk about how Brooklyn Nine-Nine will adapt to the current situation happening in America. The cast recently came together to talk about the future season, as they are aware that changes will have to made to reflect what has been happening. Although the police comedy has already written most of the content for season 8, there could be some alterations made, with storylines changed to fit the narrative of real-life.

Check out Terry’s announcement below.

Crews discussed that the backlash regarding police brutality will shape the upcoming season. Terry announced that the cast all spoke directly on a zoom call to talk about the current events. The actor goes on to say that ‘We are witnessing so many abuses of power. And so we had some somber talks and some really eye-opening conversations about how to handle this new season’. The current protests and outrage has meant the cast and crew have changed their approach to the newest season. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is enjoyed by millions of fans. Talking about a sensitive topic on the police comedy could really make a positive change.

This comes as many people are calling for police shows to stop representing the police force as the good guys. Season 8 of B99 could give us a glimpse into the side of the comedy that rarely gets touched upon. As we mentioned previously, the sitcom has had various controversial plotlines that tell us the dark side of the police force regarding race and sexism. But with Crew’s announcement, the new season may look to dive deeper into the world of today.

Terry being held at gun point by police
Credit: Fox

We are so happy to see B99 make a stand against racism. The cast also donated $100,000 to the National Bail Find Network, as Stephanie Beatriz encouraged other people to donate to the fund. Brooklyn Nine-Nine are making some serious strides, as season 8 looks to educate viewers. The show has also announced they are planning a coronavirus plotline for the new episodes. Season 8, like 2020, looks like the time for change.

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