The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Scene We All Need To Watch

Terry being held at gun point by police
Credit: Fox

The cop comedy is famous for it’s light-hearted approach to the police force. But sometimes the show highlights issues that need to be spoken about. Police brutality is a problem we have all been fighting for. George Floyd’s death has caused the world to finally listen and stand up. Racism should no longer exist, with the Black Lives Matter movement making a significant impact for change. B99 has one important scene that needs to be shared.

Way back in Season 4 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, an episode named ‘Moo, Moo’ left people shocked as it highlighted an ongoing issue. Police sergeant Terry searches for his daughter’s blanket late at night as she loses it on a car ride home. A police officer stops him even though Terry assures him that he is on the police force himself. The sole reason for Terry being stopped by the officer is because of the color of his skin. Terry later tells his story to Captain Holt, describing the traumatic experience of the ongoing problem.

Terry’s story happens too frequently – and this needs to end.

Terry continues to tell Holt that he feels sad his daughters would have to grow up where this is a daily occurrence. It’s this subject matter that has been resurfaced, with social media sharing the heartbreaking video of Terry explaining the pain of his young precious daughters being discriminated against, as their safety can never be protected. B99 does not illustrate Terry’s story as a police issue, but instead a race one. He should not have been pulled over in the first place.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has faced some recent backlash as people believe it is not a true depiction of the police force in America. Instead, many think the narrative of B99 is to show police as the good guys. The police comedy does touch on systematic problems in the police force, with racism and sexism spotted throughout all seasons of the show. This scene is incredibly important as its a common problem that many of us may never understand.

Terry talking to holt about race
Credit: Fox

Does B99 get it right all the time?

This answer to this is no. Brooklyn Nine-Nine could do more to represent real-life difficulties black people face. Their perception of cops is positive, whereas it’s nothing short of a negative environment in real life. We know it is a sitcom, but we hope future season may point to the issues that have been happening in recent times. While B99 is unrealistic and is not an accurate depiction of a police department, what can be taken from the show is this scene. Their portrayal of the police force is far from the truth, but this storyline has some scary and insightful truths. Racism needs to end. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a source of comfort for many, with tons of laughs and gags. But if 2020 has taught us anything, its that it is necessary for the show to resemble its real-life counterparts.

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