The Last Update For Battlefield 5 Is Here And It’s Huge

Overview of new map, Al Marj Encampment
Credit: DICE, Battlefield V

The last major Battlefield 5 update is now live, and it’s a big update. Not because of it’s size, it’s only 9.75GB, I had an update on Warzone last week for about 35GB… This update is huge because it’s the last update for Battlefield 5.

This is also a big update in terms of content for the game. It’s includes two new maps, new weapons, gadgets, grenades and vehicles. It seems like Dice are going out on a high with this update.

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The two new maps are called Al Marj Encampment and a redesigned version of Provence. Al Marj Encampment is an infantry only map featuring close quarters combat and ranged fighting throughout the map. The revamped Provence map expands on the outskirts of the older map. Tanks are now available in the 64-player map.

The full details of the patch can be found here.

Landscape of new map in Battlefield V called Provence
Credit: DICE, Battlefield V

The patch notes say this about the new maps, “Both of these maps feature the U.S. and German armies as the two playable factions, with additional changes having also been made to Al Sundan, Twisted Steel and Panzerstorm. Twisted Steel and Panzerstorm will continue to operate as UK and German factions on Grand Operations and won’t be adjusted in this mode.”