The Most Popular Top 10 Netflix TV Shows Have Been Revealed

Credit: Netflix

Since the Top 10 list feature dropped on Netflix, we’ve all been pretty obsessed to see what’s trending. From the moment it was first introduced, we’ve seen plenty of popular series hit the list, some shocking, some obvious. The experiment was first tested out in a select few countries, with the UK one of the first to see what content was being watched most on the platform. Soon it was extended worldwide, with subscribers enjoying the daily update of is a Netflix hit…

While this is incredibly useful information, many users have been intrigued to see what has been the most popular series so far. But with Netflix not releasing these figures, how do we know what’s the best series to tuck into next? Well, a Redditor has come up with a system that has ranked the performance of shows on the streaming service, with a point system dedicated to finding out the best series! Amazing!

The top 10 list on netflix
Credit: Netflix

Redditor u/Lamboo assigned a value next to each series that has dropped on the platform in the last few months, and it’s very interesting to see which series have done best! The top series has been divided into Netflix Originals and licensed content. Check out what’s been the most popular series in the last 3 months!

Netflix Originals Top 10

  1. Tiger King – 383 points
  2. Ozark – 377 points
  3. Love is Blind – 302 points
  4. Dead To Me – 216 points
  5. The Trails Of Gabriel Hernandez – 191 points
  6. Sweet Magnolias – 145 points
  7. Never Have I Ever – 125 points
  8. Too Hot To Handle – 124 points
  9. Money Heist – 120 points
  10. Altered Carbon – 113 points
Tiger king with a tiger
Credit: Netflix

Licensed Top 10

  1. All American – 266 points
  2. Riverdale – 149 points
  3. Avatar: The Last Airbender – 148 points
  4. The Office – 131 points
  5. Waco – 124 points
  6. The Flash – 74 points
  7. Legacies – 50 points
  8. Working Moms – 46 points
  9. Grey’s Anatomy – 44 points
  10. Community – 41 points

Of course, there are some series that are not a surprise. Tiger King was the docuseries that everyone was talking about, so of course, it would hit the number one spot. We recently reported how Netflix is becoming the new home for reality TV – and this list seems to prove it. Love is Blind and Too Hot Too Handle have both been massive hits for the company, with more reality programs heading to the service. The Top 10 lists have also been an indicator of how a season may be renewed, as it highlights what’s trending. With shows such as Dead To Me and Never Have I Ever making the list, it’s more than likely more seasons will be heading our way.

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Credit: CW

These ultimate top 10 lists will of course change when time goes on. Series such as 13 Reasons Why and Space Force have only been released in the past few weeks, both popular series since dropping on Netflix. Popular licensed content will also shift throughout the year. With other streaming services competing for popular movies and shows, the list will forever adapt to the change in content. Take for example The Office. The popular sitcom is leaving in 2021, but the comedy has always remained in the top 10 list. What could replace such a cult-favorite?!