There’s a Stranger Things Theory That Hopper Is a CLONE

Hopper in Stranger Things
Credit: Netflix

There has been a ton of confusion about what has happened to Hopper. With the pandemic pushing production back for Stranger Things, it means we have to wait even longer for answers. This has led to many of us creating conspiracies about the upcoming season. While we know Hopper is alive from the teaser trailer, we don’t understand the full story yet. And someone has created a theory that has us SHOOK.

The Duffer Brothers have been keeping pretty tight-lipped about the upcoming season. with many of us baffled by how Hopper survived the explosion at the end of season 3. This has led to fans creating their own theories. And one sticks out more than most. It is believed that Hopper is a clone. The theory suggests that Hopper is forced to work in a chain gang in Russia, but this is not the real Hopper. If we weren’t already questioning how Hoper survived in the first place, we are now being led to think it might not be him after all!

Hopper in russia
Credit: Netflix

Could Hopper really be a clone?

Now, we wouldn’t really put it past the show that Hopper is a clone. The Netflix Original has pushed boundaries, with millions of us believing that Hopper was actually dead. The fantasy series manages to surprise us in numerous ways, so this theory could be true. Details from previous seasons technically support this theory and now we can’t get it out of our heads. Another theory has broken down how Hopper is alive, with details on how he has survived and now become the American prisoner.

The jam-packed final episode of season 3 seen a plethora of events occur, with different teams working on an individual task. Joyce, Murray, and Hopper are in charge of infiltrating the Russian Lab, dressing as agents. Someone has noticed that when Hopper becomes trapped and signals to Joyce to turn the key. This meant the machine exploded and Hopper disappears. But an eagle-eyed viewer has noticed that Joyce closes her eyes, which means Hopper could have saved himself. The question is, has Hopper been taken to the other side? And if he isn’t in the Upside-Down, do the Russians believe he is one of them as he was dressed as an agent? We need answers now!

hopper from stranger things
Credit: Netflix

We’re counting down the days till S4!

There are tons of conspiracies regarding the newest season of Stranger Things. We will keep you updated with the ones that pique our interest. Especially as it seems comprehendible that Hopper could actually have a clone. The Duffer Brothers have hinted that there will be a few familiar faces, so we can only imagine S4 will be the best yet

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