This Insane Plot Line Had to be Cut From The Office

Michael at christmas
Credit: NBC

The Office US is well known for pushing boundaries when it comes to comedy. The sitcom has a number of scenes that are close to crossing the line. But somehow the charm of the mockumentary always manages to pull through. But this nearly wasn’t the case. One storyline was close to making it in the show, and boy it would have caused outrage!

It seems Steve Carell’s character was treated somewhat like a guinea pig. Michael Scott is famous for being an awkward idiot who can’t sense social cues. But this plotline could have taken it one step too far. The Dunder Mifflin boss was meant to be CRUCIFIED, but thankfully the storyline was never developed. While we know Michael made questionable decisions throughout the seven seasons he appeared, Michael being crucified could have been the straw that broke the camels back!

Michael grimacing
Credit: NBC

Michael was going to do what?!

As many of you may know by now, Andy Greene’s novel has been spilling some secrets regarding the sitcom. The cast and writers have been sharing their own stories from their experience working on The Office. One plotline that was cut was Kevin mirroring the show 24, but one story shocked the writer’s room. Aaron Shure suggested that one episode focused on Michael accidentally crucifying himself. Michael would have been playing basketball with the rest of the office. His garage door was supposed to open and Michael’s shirt would get caught…

Sounds innocent right? Well, Michael would have been left hanging from the garage door (because we know the rest would never help him). The camera angle would show him being ‘crucified’ as the basketball hoop would serve as a crown, similar to the biblical story. Michael would have then remained there all night, going into work the next day to describe how he felt ‘christlike’. The crucifixion idea was eventually scrapped as Shure’s fellow writers didn’t love the idea. We can just picture the scene!

The office playing basketball
Credit: NBC

There’s so much we didn’t know!

Now Michael may not have been ‘Christ-like’, but we do see Carell playing even Almighty which feels like a good alternative! Michael Scott’s character remains one of the best comedic acts in sitcom history. Finding out what didn’t make the cut in the show is insane – next, they might tell us that Michael and Pam were meant to end up together!

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