Video: Every Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cold Open

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cold Opens
Credit - NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If like us you’re twiddling your thumbs because you have exhausted the entire Netflix catalogue, then we have the perfect video! NBC have edited every single Brooklyn Nine-Nine cold open into one video.

The video itself is a massive five and a half hours long, so unless you’ve got time (let’s be honest, you probably do) we wouldn’t attempt this in one sitting!

Credit NBC – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

For those who don’t know, ‘Cold Opens’ appear at the very beginning of episodes to jump straight into a narrative before the title sequence. A few of Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Cold Opens have even gone viral! The most famous of course being the iconic I Want It That Way scene.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cold Opens - I Want It That Way
Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The cast and crew of Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently made headlines after their generous joint contribution in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Actress Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa Diaz) donated a total of $11,000 which inspired her co-stars to do the same. You can read our full article here.

It has also been announced by Terry Crews that the show will reflect current events. Crews was praised for his acting during Season 4’s ‘Moo-Moo’ in which his character is racially profiled. It would appear that realistic depictions like this will be covered more in future episodes also.

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