What Office Fans Make Of Space Force

The cast of Space Force Stood together
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s newest addition to the streaming service has been one we’ve all been very excited about. In particular though, Office fans have been looking forward to it more than anyone. Steve Carell and Greg Daniels have teamed up together for the out-of-this-world comedy. The same duo behind the genius of The Office are back, with Carell playing Michael Scott. But what do fans of The Office think about Space Force?

It seems people are enjoying the workplace comedy, with similar humor used in both shows. Seeing Steve Carell back on our screens doing what he does best seems to be what fans are loving the most. Many have stated how they’ve been waiting for the classic “that’s what she said” line, leading to disappointment that it has not been mentioned in Space Force. Not to worry though – there are plenty of easter eggs in Space Force with reference to The Office!

People talking about moving to colarado
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Did you spot the Easter Eggs?

It seems Daniels and Carell haven’t forgotten their roots, as Space Force includes a number of references to The Office. Many fans have pointed out how Carell’s character in both shows seems to be obsessed with Colorado. Michael moves to Colorado with Holly in The Office, whereas in Space Force, a similar conversation occurs between Mark and Maggie. There’s also a number of easter eggs worth mentioning, as many have spotted Dunder Mifflin and Sabre used in Space Force. We love seeing that Space Force is keeping The Office alive. And it will probably fill the void when The Office leaves Netflix in 2021!

A satellite showing Sabre
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Do the fans agree with the critics?

We recently reported that initial reviews of the show were pretty terrible. Rotten Tomatoes, along with other critics, gave Space Force a negative rating. Many people are finding it hard to not compare Space Force with The Office, especially as it has been created, written and stars people from both shows. While many have been disappointed, fans of The Office have made an incredibly important point. The Office has millions of fans around the world, but this did not happen overnight. The cult favorite is loved by so many because fans looked past the first season. Although many believe the first season is important as it is the blueprint for the rest of the show, others believe Season 1 of The Office is the worst. So why should we judge Space Force for finding its feet?

One fan of the show quoted that it’s the ‘same as The Office, it started slow and unappealing but picked up’. The Office ran for a total of 9 seasons, with character development and comedy timing only getting better as the show went on. This will more than likely happen with Space Force. Season 1 is just a taste of what’s to come in the future!

Two men filming Space Force in the desert
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What does the cast have to say about the comparison?

Yes, Space Force is very different from The Office. But fans of this style of comedy seem to appreciate the show and what it has to offer. Jimmy O. Yang recently spoke out about the comparison people are making about the Netflix series in comparison to the NBC comedy. He states: “You have The Office DNA of it being very funny, yet with a lot of heart and exploration of character relationships”. He goes on to compare Space Force as The Office with a Marvel budget! Daniels agrees that the cinematic feel of the show sets it apart from The Office, but fans will ‘recognize the sense of humor’. Daniels also sets the record straight with Carell’s character, saying ‘the character of Mark Naird is pretty different from Michael Scott, and it doesn’t look at all the same’. Although we can’t help pitting the characters side by side, we must remember both sitcoms are incredibly different. As long as it makes us laugh, that’s all that matters.

What people love about The Office is how we can continually binge-watch the show, never growing bored as there are 100s of episodes. Fans are now calling out for the same to happen with Space Force, as many people want more to indulge in. There has not yet been another series confirmed, but we are hoping Netflix beings us more Space Force. With productions only just beginning again, we could be waiting a long time before another season is brought to us. We have our fingers crossed.

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