Why Does Everyone Hate Pam From The Office?

Jim, Pam and Roy from The Office
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It’s a debate that seems to have only happened in the past year or so. The Office ended over seven years ago, but fans are still noticing new parts of the show. While many enjoy discussing missed easter eggs, others like to exchange views on character development. And one character seems to take a certain bashing over any other. While many can point out the dislikable traits of Michael or Phyllis, it’s Pam who tons of fans believe is the worst character. But why?

It’s something we can all agree on. And that is that every character on the show has at least one unlikeable trait. The Office is made to show true human interaction, flaws, and all, with each character highlighting a different, true to life characteristics that we all interact with daily. Some characters, rightly so, are incredibly irritating and cringy. Andy and Packer are two that come to mind, but the mockumentary would not have been the same without these two figures. So with this in mind, why is it that Pam gets tons of hate?

Pam on the phone
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Now there are many reasons for why it is understandable that Pam isn’t everyones favorite character. While there are a number of frustrating moments throughout the series where we could just shake Pam, it seems there are two notable seasons that infuriate viewers. Season 3 and Season 9 cause quite a stir for Pam’s character, and while many of us still love the dynamic she brings to the sitcom, others believe she in fact ruins crucial moments…

Season 3

The season we all waited with bated breath to see if Jim and Pam were finally going to get together. While many of us loved the dramatic tension between these two soulmates, others felt Pam ruined the charm of it. That is of course, because of the love triangle that felt like it never ended. With both Roy and Jim fighting for Pam’s affections, tons of viewers have expressed their annoyance of how Pam could not make a simple decision. While the love triangle, or square if we are also including Karen, made for amazing TV, fans disliked Pam for giving Jim mixed signals. While this is a valid point, it can also be said for Jim when he brought Karen back from Stamford. And let’s not forget, most relationships in The Office have come together in the same way. While Pam is accused of playing with people’s feelings, many seem to forget that Angela did the exact same thing.

Jim and Pam in The Office
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Season 9

The last season is when it seems people really start to turn on Pam. While rewatching the last episodes, it is evident why viewers are irritated by Jenna Fischer’s character. Jim and Pam’s picture-perfect relationship hits the rocks, something fans were shocked to witness when it aired over 7 years ago. But why does Pam get all the hate when Jim is also to blame? While it is wonderful to see Jim making plans for the family and creating a better foundation for the future, he did not include Pam in these plans. Because of this, many fans are sour towards Pam because of this one event. Jim moving to Philadelphia caused the poor communication between the couple. Jim did make plenty of sacrifices to work at Athlead, but so did Pam.

We also can’t forget to include the introduction of Brian. While fans hated this storyline, Brian provided the key to unlocking the fourth wall in the show. Furthermore, it seems Brian has an eye for Pam – not the other way round. The last note to make about the final season is the fact that we see more of Beesly because of Michael’s departure. While fans become disappointed with Pam towards the end of the show, that is because we see more of her to make up for the fact Michael is no longer there. The good and the bad are seen more frequently. Viewers may dislike Pam’s actions, but no one is innocent in this show, especially in season 9.

Jim and Pam hugging
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We should love Pam and respect her bad qualities!

And there are plenty of other episodes that people complain that Pam has ruined. We will all remember the moment we watched Jim express his love for Pam in Casino Night, with her response disappointing millions. Fans also express how Pam is self-centered. Episodes such as The Delivery angers viewers as she refuses to go to the hospital. There are several moments in all 9 seasons that displease viewers, but Pam can not be blamed for them all. It seems only recently that Pam is receiving this hate. With streaming services providing a platform to continuously binge-watch the show, new ideas are being discussed between fans.

Pam is not perfect, but her journey is one of the most paramount. She didn’t believe in herself, until nine years later she made a beautiful decision for her and the family. It’s ok to resent characteristics, but not a whole character. And we believe Pam has more amazing qualities than bad.

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