Why Netflix is Struggling to Get Back to Normal

The cast of The Witcher
Credit: Netflix

The world is slowly trying to get back to life before the coronavirus pandemic took hold. While production is beginning to resume, there are some uncertainties on how Netflix is going to cope. As we all know, the streaming service has provided us with endless entertainment. Millions of new subscribers have even joined in on the fun. But with this added pressure, will Netflix be able to get back on track?

Productions around the world were shut down in March, with filming cut short and movies and series left unfinished. This meant Netflix had to rely on scheduling content on a different timeline. And while that worked amazingly (with successes such as Tiger King), it has left them in a period of uncertain times. Production is gradually starting, but can they cope with the new demand?

The money heist set
Credit: Netflix

Productions have resumed, but things have had to change…

Luckily for Netflix addicts, our favorite shows are back in full swing. La casa de Papel (Money Heist) has begun filming for its fifth season in Madrid. The worrying part for Netflix is the delays and adaptions that are necessary. If it wasn’t bad enough that productions have been pushed back months, precautions are adding time constraints. Many of Netflix’s content is filmed in Europe, now known as the hotspot for COVID-19. Kelly Luegenbiehl, the woman behind Netflix’s international productions, recently spoke out on how difficult it has been to film scenes with kissing. With touching lips technically forbidden, production companies have had to become inventive. Luegenbiehl explained that ‘there were so many brains around the world turning on this’. With fans waiting in anticipation for brand new seasons and movies, will this added pressure cause slip-ups along the way?

The industry as a whole is learning to film under these circumstances. Studios are now unrecognizable due to the impact of the pandemic. Restarting has been difficult for the entertainment world, but it seems Netflix is already running into trouble. The company has already started filming series such as The Witcher and Sex Education, but it seems there is an immense amount of pressure from the public. Netflix saw there subscriber count soar over the past few months. While this isn’t bad news, the company now has more people to not disappoint. Competitors such as Disney+ and Apple TV haven’t been affected as badly as they rely on old content to fill their services. With Netflix churning out new content daily and millions around the globe waiting for the next best content, it feels like Netflix is set up to fail.

The cast of Sex Education
Credit: Netflix

We’re with you all the way Netflix!

We have no doubt that Netflix will get back on their feet soon. It’s predicted that normality will resume in September, but that means the next few months will be testing for the company. The service will survive, but new adaptions will change the future of streaming. We may not get a constant stream of content, and many series will have to be pushed back indefinitely, but millions of households should be satisfied with the newest releases. It looks like things may never go back to normal.

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