Why Season 1,8 & 9 of The Office Are Too Important to Miss

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It’s a debate that has been going on for years. The Office may have ended in 2013, but there’s a new wave of newbies that continue to discover the mockumentary. Fans who love the sitcom usually recommend others to skip certain seasons, but why do we do this? It seems The Office is one of the only shows people are told to miss out on certain seasons. But we’re here to tell you not to…

Many of you who are familiar with The Office will understand why others are advised to skip Seasons 1, 8, and 9. Fans believe that Season 1 does not give a true indication of how funny the comedy really is. Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, leaves at the end of season 7. Because of this, people believe that season 8 and 9 aren’t up to standard in comparison to the rest of the show. We strongly believe this is wrong. There are many reasons you should watch these seasons. Of course, if you binge-watch the show on a regular occurrence, we understand why you may skip certain seasons. Or episodes such as Scotts Tots. But for us, every season deserves a chance…

Two men talking in an office
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Why does everyone say to skip Season 1?

There are a number of reasons season 1 isn’t up to scratch in comparison to other seasons. Like with any show, the first season tests the waters to see what the audience likes and dislikes. Especially in The Office’s case, the first season tests the water to see which characters people are drawn to. Michael Scott’s character changes dramatically in season 2, as producers will have gotten a feel from viewers what they loved or hated about the eccentric boss. Missing the first season out means you also will not understand each individual story. For example, the first episode of season 2 starts with The Dundies, where we get to see drunk Pam. But without the first season, we would not have understood the importance of Jim and Pam’s relationship, and why that kiss meant more than first appeared.

And that’s not the only reason newcomers should definitely watch the first season. With only 6 episodes, it sets the foundations of what The Office really is. Stories that start in the first season thread throughout other seasons, so missing them first episodes would be a shame. Also not forgetting that season 1 has some amazing moments. Diversity Day, Health Care, and Basketball have a number of hilarious scenes, including that famous slap from Kelly. Season 1 is not as great as other seasons, but they are necessary to continue with the show.

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Why does everyone say to skip Seasons 8 and 9?

This one seems more common, as fans seem to have a strong dislike towards the later seasons. As we mentioned, Michael Scott leaves in season 7, a devastating blow for everyone as he really did make the show. But does that mean we should stop watching after that? Absolutely not. After re-watching the later seasons recently, it’s worth noting that although Michael Scott does leave, other characters come into play. Although many may disagree, characters such as The Lizard King, Nellie, and Pete bring a whole new dimension to the show. While many are correct in saying that Dwight technically carries the humor in season 8 and 9, let’s not forget that characters like Andy become quite irritating. Yes, new people are brought on to the comedy to fill the gap of Carell leaving. But it’s long-standing characters that reduce the season’s popularity.

Both seasons 8 and 9 also provide some of the best cold opens and episodes from the whole sitcom. Jim’s pranks hit a new standard, with Asian Jim and Dead Jim providing some of the best moments. Characters like Creed also provide stand out scenes, with Work Bus being a personal favorite! There are tons of important moments that season 9 especially provides, completing the show in a perfect way. Jim and Pam provide relationship goals throughout the years, but season 9 offers a realistic take on how relationships pan out. Season 9 gives us a glimpse into the hard work that goes into a marriage, with a perfect relationship almost impossible to strive for.

And this leads us onto the last point, as season 9 breaks the fourth wall in a way no one expects when they first watch it. Brian tells the camera crew to stop when Pam breaks down in tears. So many fans shun this scene, but it’s a great reminder that this is a documentary. When watching The Office you sometimes forget that the end result is a workplace documentary. The looks towards the camera sometimes aren’t enough, so the introduction of Brian prompts the audience to recollect the true meaning of The Office.

It’s your choice…

Of course, it’s down to you whether you skip these seasons. We believe that although they may not provide the most hilarious scenes, they are incredibly important to both start and end The Office journey. For the full experience, we recommend watching from start to finish. And if you’ve binged it a number of times, then you will probably re-watch Stress Relief on repeat!

if you’ve rewatched The Office more times then you can count, try some reading material instead!