A Forgotten B99 Character is Set to Return

The b99 cast
Credit: FOX

Pilot episodes are tested to see how an audience reacts to a show. Brooklyn nine-nine has one of the best pilot episodes, connecting us instantly to the characters. Pilot episodes are usually shot way in advance. By the time the rest of the season drops, characters are changed and developed further. While there were no dramatic changes in B99, there was one face that suddenly disappeared. And it looks like they will be returning in future episodes…

In the very first episode, we are introduced to Daniels, a female detective who is seen chatting to Hitchcock and Scull. Terry is giving Captain Holt a rundown of the staff at the precinct. And it seems Daniels is a useless as Hitchcock and Scully, giving the impression they are a trio of deadbeats. Daniels is even described as ‘pretty much worthless, but they make good coffee’. Harsh, but it seems Daniels was set to appear in further episodes if she was given an introduction, even as a recurring character. But the middle-aged lady is never to be seen again…

A B99 scene in the pilot
Credit: FOX

Dan Goor himself has said she will be coming back!

Now in most cases, a rare appearance from a character means the idea of having them come back has been scrapped. BUT, this isn’t the case for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and there have been discussions to bring back Daniels. She may have only appeared in the series premiere, but Dan Goor, the creator of B99 has hinted that they are looking to bring the actor back!

Although Daniels isn’t even mentioned again, this may have been due to other projects taking up her time. Even Hitchcock and Scully didn’t become part of the main cast until later seasons, therefore creating a space for some other faces to appear on the odd occasion (similar to Pimento or Doug Judy). Dan Goor has announced that they will be resolving the mystery behind why Daniels’s character vanishes from the show, insinuating that the character will be coming back to the sitcom. Goor also suggested that we will learn if ‘Kelly’ is Hitchcock’s wife or dog!

Daniels from b99
Credit: FOX

We don’t yet have any news on when or even how Daniels will be returning. But it’s exciting to see an old familiar face returning in the future. Brooklyn Nine-Nine has seen a recent shakeup, with many episodes scrapped. It would be very cool if we saw Hitchcock, Scully, and Daniels back causing chaos. Or should we say, eat and relax!

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