A New Office Podcast Is On It’s Way With ‘Kevin’ As Host!

Kevin from the office
Credit: NBC

More news is coming thick and fast regarding The Office. Our hearts have felt empty since the sitcom ended in 2013. For many of us, this year has been one of the worst yet. But The Office cast has been slowly redeeming it. And this news it the cherry on top of the cake!

So far, Office fans have been lucky enough to listen to The Office Ladies, hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Fischer where they dissect certain episodes and chat about behind-the-scenes information. We also had the pleasure of witnessing the feel-good YouTube Channel Some Good News. Hosted by John Krasinksi, weekly videos brought us some amazing content, including The Office recreating the Niagara wedding dance. But what could top that? Well, Brian Baumgartner has announced that he is bringing us a brand new podcast revealing more secrets about the mockumentary!

Credit: Spotify

That actor, who played Kevin Malone on the show, suggested that the podcast will focus on how the show became such a success, with Baumgartner describing it as the ‘underdog’. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, there’s a ton of familiar faces that will be talking on the podcast. John Krasinksi, Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer and Rainn Wilson are just a few of many that will be appearing on ‘An Oral History of The Office’. Ricky Gervais and Billie Eilish will also be chatting to the actor, as Gervais will explain the journey to bring the British story to an American audience.

The podcast series will consist of 12 episodes, launching exclusively on Spotify on Tuesday, 14th July. Three episodes will drop on the same day, and then a new installment will head to the platform each week. An Oral History of The Office will chat about the stories behind the famous comedy, with discussions on why each actor was chosen to play their character. The podcast will also interview the cast to talk about memorable moments and storylines, similar to The Office Ladies. This is extremely exciting!

The office cast
Credit: NBC

This has also come in the same week that Leslie David Baker announced that a spinoff series is coming, based on Stanley’s character after we see what he’s up to in his retirement. Uncle Stan is the next show we are adding to our watchlist. It’s all happening and we can’t contain our excitement!

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