A Shuffle Button is Coming to Netflix!

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Credit: Netflix

There’s been tons of speculation, but finally, Netflix users have begun seeing a new feature we never knew we needed. This new tool is one for people who are known for being indecisive. While many are not seeing the point, the test is already proving a success. And people seem to be loving it!

For many of us binge-watchers, we’ve seen plenty of our favorite series a number of times. But this new feature spices things up a bit. For months, there have been talks about a shuffle button. This means users can have an episode of a series randomly chosen for them. The streaming service looks to finally be introducing the new feature, and it even works on films too!

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the netflix screen
Credit: Netflix

The function is currently being sampled to a select number of Netflix accounts and means some of you may spot the ability to shuffle content on the platform very soon. While we were initially led to believe that the new button would only be available for episodes of a show, movies have also been spotted. Users on Twitter and Reddit have announced their shock that the new feature randomly selects content for them to view.

This new feature will make it easier for users to randomly choose an episode to watch. The shuffle feature is a great tool to use if you are wanting to start a new series. As we all know, the first season of a show can sometimes be slow and not a true indication of what’s to come. With a Shuffle Button, users can have an episode selected for them to see if their chosen series is to their taste. We suggest you don’t do it with a show like Lost, you may end up very confused!

With many excited about the new feature, we are sure the company will soon be rolling it out to everyone in the near future. Many are already very excited that the service can now pick your content for you. So far, it’s available on Samsung and Fire TVs so far so see if you have the new update!

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