Another Space Series is Heading to Netflix

Hilary swank in away
Credit: Netflix

New series are coming in thick and fast, with a particular interest put on outer space. Netflix has upped its game in the last few months. And millions of users have been grateful as it has kept them entertained during difficult times. The streaming service is bringing us another series based in space and we are very excited!

As human beings, we are obsessed with the galaxy and the possibility of living on another planet. ‘Away’ is going to meet the needs of everyone who loves life outside of earth. The Red Planet piques people’s interest, and this latest Netflix Original focuses on life on Mars. The sci-fi episodes will follow what happens when a crew head to space. Netflix has dropped a teaser trailer, check it out!

What’s it about?

Hilary Swank stars as Emma Green, an American Astronaut who prepares to lead an international crew. The mission is to head to Mars, but Green has to sacrifice leaving her family behind. This includes her NASA engineer husband Matt and teenage daughter Alexis. From the teaser trailer, it seems like the series is set to be an emotional rollercoaster as dealing with leaving everything behind is tough to process.

As the crew reaches the planet, their journey becomes more complicated as they realize the difficulty of leaving those you love at home. Their personal dynamics become complex, as Away teaches us the importance of keeping those you love close. Away is set to be full of tears and tantrums, as the drama pulls at the heartstrings. Netflix recently cropped Space Force, another series based in space, this time, the mission is to the moon. Space Force is written by the same people who created The Office and is full of hilarious moments, so although both shows focus on space, they seem worlds apart (literally).

Hillary swank in away
Credit: Netflix

Think Away is something you would love to watch?

Well, you don’t have to wait long, as the drama is launching on Netflix on September 4th. We aren’t ready for the tears!