B99’s Jake & Amy Voted Best Comedy Couple

Jake and amy from b99
Credit: Fox

Our favorite sitcoms feature some of the best love stories in history. For years we have been laughing and crying with couples from comedy series. From Everybody Loves Raymond to The Big Bang Theory, the comedy world has brought us some of the best couplings. But what do audiences believe are the best romantic couples from the shows? Well, a recent survey asked comedy fans who their favorite comedy couple was, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago won by a mile!

Jake and Amy stormed the poll, receiving 47% of the vote, taking them straight to the top spot. Since the very first season, viewers have rooted for the two. The police sitcom finally brought the lovebirds together, and the rest was history. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine duo did have some competition though. Classic sitcoms such as Friends and Scrubs had contenders in the mix, but Jake and Amy championed.

Jim and Pam from the office
Credit: NBC
Check out the list below to see where your favorite couple ended up:
  • 1st – Jake and Amy (B99)
  • 2nd – Leslie and Ben (Parks and Rec), Jim and Pam (The Office)
  • 3rd – Monica and Chandler (Friends), Niles and Daphne (Frasier)
  • 4th – Ross and Rachel (Friends), Marshall and Lily (HIMYM)
  • 5th – April and Andy (Parks and Rec), David and Patrick (Schitt’s Creek)
  • 6th – Sheldon and Amy (Big Bang Theory)
  • 7th – Leonard and Penny (Big Bang Theory)
  • Last – Carla and Chris (Scrubs), Michael and Jay (My Wife & Kids), Dre and Rainbow (Blackish), Moira and Johnny (Schitt’s Creek)

The fans of comedy have spoken, but do you agree with the final list? NBC’s The Office and Parks & Recreation came a close second with everyone’s favorite couples from the show. Shockingly, hugely popular Friends come in at 3rd and 4th. New contenders include lovers from Schitt’s Creek and The Big Bang Theory. Are there any other couples that should have made the list? We were shocked New Girl didn’t make it! Congrats to Jake and Amy – we really are invested!

Jake and Amy
Credit: Fox

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