EXCLUSIVE: An Office Spinoff is Coming!

Stanley smiling
Credit: NBC

We had all started to lose faith in whether The Office would return. The sitcom left our screens 7 years ago. And while John Krasinski’s Some Good News YouTube Channel, along with The Office Ladies Podcast, has been amazing to witness as we have been able to see our favorite characters back in action, the void has never really been filled. Office Fans – be ready for the news we are about to unleash. The Office is now getting a spinoff show, with one character, in particular, hitting the spotlight!

A new show is coming our way focusing on STANLEY, as he comes out of retirement. The new show, called ‘Uncle Stan: Coming Out Of Retirement, Leslie David Baker is back playing Stanley Hudson, as we get a glimpse of his life outside of Dunder Mifflin. The story will follow Stanley as he leaves his Florida retirement behind for a life full of children ‘personal vendettas and professions rivalries’. We are seriously intrigued!

The synopsis describes Uncle Stan as:

“After several years of enjoying a relatively uneventful retirement lifestyle, Uncle Stan receives an urgent call for help from his favorite nephew, Lucky: a recent widower with two small children and a motorcycle repair/flower shop in Los Angeles. Soon Uncle Stan finds himself dishing out all the support and guidance he has to offer in his new California home”. 

The Office Finale saw Stanley head over to Florida. We all witnessed that heartbreaking scene where Phyllis shows us what Stanley creates for her at his home. But as the years have passed, it seems Stanley’s life has radically changed. His dream of relaxing in the sun with a cocktail has gone, with his lifestyle upended by his nephew. Will there be mention of his old life back at the paper company? Will his time dealing with Michael come in handy?

Stanley from The Office
Credit: NBC

The announcement comes as fans have called to reignite The Office’s flame. Millions of people have been wanting the mockumentary to come back in some form. And while we loved the recent video of the cast recreating the Niagara wedding dance, this is truly what we needed. Uncle Stan has been made possible by loyal followers. The statement suggests that Uncle Stan would not have been possible without the love and support of fans, as it has been a ‘major driving force in the creation of this show’. It looks like all our hard work has paid off people! The Office’s spirit is returning! 

So what can you do?

Well, Uncle Stan is only going to be possible with YOUR HELP. The show will only be possible if you make a donation. Kickstarter is running a crowdfund to kick things off, with the campaign for Uncle Stan is live now. Follow this link to do your bit and help bring Uncle Stan to screens. If you love The Office, you know what to do.