Iain Stirling Plays ‘Love Island The Game’

Love Island Game
Credit Fusebox Games Love Island

Unless you have been living on another planet, you will be aware that Covid-19 has pretty much cancelled the entire year and taken Love Island with it. Let’s be honest, the Australian show just isn’t the same, but we might just have the next best thing.

Love Island Game
Credit Fusebox Games Love Island

Introducing… Love Island, THE GAME! Yep, you heard correct. The mobile game is available on the app store and allows you to personalise your own character to enter the Villa and find fictional love!

The game itself has actually been out since 2018 with a new ‘Season’ coming out every year. But that’s not all, you can now watch the Love Island narrator himself Iain Stirling play the game on YouTube, check it out below!

As you can imagine, it makes for pretty entertaining viewing! We follow Iain as he creates his own character and attempts to voice the other Islanders with some questionable accents.

It was confirmed back in May that the show wouldn’t be returning on ITV2 until 2021 as reported on BBC News. But let’s be honest, would it really have been the same if all the islanders had to keep two metres apart?

Credit Love Island Australia

Some fans have been satisfying their fix by avidly watching the Australian series which first aired back in 2018. It’s been acting as a bandage on that Love Island sized wound.

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