Netflix Funds Biggest Budget Movie Ever

The avengers
Credit: IMDB

Netflix has seriously exceeded itself in recent months. With new films hitting the platform regularly, subscribers have been loving the new content the service has brought us. Some movies have shocked us beyond belief, with Extraction hitting nearly 100 million views in just four weeks. So how can Netflix outdo themselves? Well, they have managed it!

Netflix Inc. has agreed to put $200 million towards a new movie franchise. This is the highest single movie budget ever for the streaming service! Reports suggest that the new Netflix Original will be directed by the famous Russo Brothers, known of course for the Avengers franchise. The movie, named The Gray Man, will feature Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, an action thriller that looks set to beat tons of records!

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Credit: Netflix

This is big news for Netflix!

The story follows Gentry (played by Gosling), a former CIA agent who is being hunted by another agent (played by Evans). The Gray Man is based on a 2009 novel which turned into a bestselling book series. The Russo Brothers are set to make their mark again, with past successes breaking unbelievable records. The Avengers: End Game, is one of the most expensive movies ever created. The budget was well worth it though, as box office records were smashed, bringing in approximately $2.8 billion!

$200 million is the biggest budget any streaming platform has invested in one movie. Blockbusters have proven to be extremely popular on Netflix, with Bird Box, Extraction and many others viewed millions of times in the first month of release. Anthony Russo suggested that fans of Captain America: Winter Soldier will love the new movie. This is because they are ‘moving into that territory in more of a real-world setting’.

The russo brothers
Credit: Business Insider

We could be waiting a while…

Netflix has barely touched on a franchise film as of yet. While movies like The Kissing Booth have a number of installments (and are loved by tons of people), The Gray Man is an attempt to be a franchise similar to James Bond or Mission: Impossible. Netflix has been hitting a number of milestones, and this is the latest achievement by the company! We can’t wait!