Netflix Has Begun Testing Cheaper Subscriptions

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There have been plans for quite some time for the streaming service to offer a different price to users. And it looks like they are finally putting it into action. Netflix is testing the option for subscribers to pay a smaller fee to watch content on their mobile-only. While many don’t see the point, others have praised the idea as they only watch movies and series on their smartphone device. So will this test roll out to everyone?

The mobile-only subscription plan is currently being tested in India. But soon it may be available to other users if the test proves successful. The company says the country is already enjoying the option, although it is restricted to standard definition (SD). The new plan has a massive appeal to users who watch content on their mobile rather than on television. And the price point is even better.

Netflix on a phone
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The new subscription has a bargain price, that works out at approximately £2.40/$3! Consumer behavior is changing, and the usage of all media types appears to come from mobile devices. Netflix is trialing the idea of members watching the service on their smartphone, as research has indicated that users prefer to binge-watch on their devices. The cheap price also means users can watch Netflix on just one device at a type. Unlike other plans, this new test seems to be ‘you get what you paid for’.

With that being said, the new mobile plan apparently works on smartphones, tablets, and computers. Many people felt a mobile-only plan would only match the needs of a handful of people, but the basic plan is also supported on tablets and computers too. That means for an extremely low price, users can watch Netflix on all devices except TV screens. With that being said, when the plan rolls out to everyone, will they shift to that plan?

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Credit: Netflix

So if you can look past the streaming quality (as you can’t watch content in HD or 4K), then this new price plan could be the one for you. Would you use it?