Petition to Remove 365 Days From Netflix Receives Thousands of Signatures

The 365 days poster
Credit: Netflix

Everyone has been obsessed with the polish erotic movie that instantly hit no.1 when it recently dropped on Netflix. The streaming service announced the movie hit record numbers. Around the world, people couldn’t stop talking about the film deemed more ‘wild than 50 Shades of Grey’. With this being said, 365 DNI has caused some controversy in the past few weeks, and now it seems people want it taken down!

A petition has been circulating to remove 365 DNI/Days from Netflix for its portrayal of sexual abuse. The movie focuses on a mafia boss who becomes obsessed with a young woman, kidnapping and imprisoning her for a full year. She gets to know her captor and falls in love. But many have said this is extremely damaging and now want the film to be taken from the platform.

365 days poster
Credit: Netflix

The petition is getting 1000s of signatures a day…

So far, the petition has received nearly 70,000 signatures, as it describes the drama as ‘glorifying Stockholm Syndrome and abuse’. The petition goes on to say that the movie is a “mockery” for all victims and survivors of abuse. Many people don’t want the film to be available any longer as “the main character also uses abuse tactics such as gaslighting, coercion, reproductive coercion and Stockholm Syndrome to financially, physically, sexually, emotionally and digitally abuse the woman he had taken”.

Welsh singer Duffy recently wrote an open letter to the chief executive at Netflix. In the letter, she called for the film to be taken from the streaming service. This has meant the petition has received the spotlight and therefore, more people are now wanting the film to be removed. Although 365 Days has been given poor reviews from critics, audiences have been loving the erotic film. But it seems not everyone is best pleased, as Duffy described it as distorting reality. In order to protect women, there are calls for a change to come.

365 days
Credit: Netflix

Could this mean the sequels are scrapped?

Duffy wrote that “it grieves me that Netflix provides a platform for such ‘cinema’, that eroticises kidnapping and distorts sexual violence and trafficking as a ‘sexy’ movie. I just can’t imagine how Netflix could overlook how careless, insensitive and dangerous this is”. Netflix has responded to say that 365 DNI is licensed and not an original production of theirs. As the petition gains more traction, what do you think will happen?

It was recently announced that 365 Days is getting two sequels – but could this change?