Reports Suggest Users Only Consume 2% of Netflix’s Content

The old guard
Credit: Netflix

Our obsession with Netflix continues on, as this year our love for the streaming service has truly intensified. While millions of us have been stuck indoors, we’ve all been enjoying hours of content daily. But while many of us believe that we are some sort of Netflix expert, it seems the majority of us have not even scratched the surface!

Original content has been coming thick and fast on the platform. From movies to TV series, Netflix has been the home of entertainment for quite some time now. Binge-watching is a skill many of us have attained, but a recent report now suggests we may not know the service as well as we believe. The report suggests that the average subscriber only utilizes a small percentage of the content library every year, approximately only 2%!

The netflix library
Credit: Netflix

How long?!

And that’s not the only shocking data to come from the report. claims that if users wanted to watch all the content available on Netflix, then they would have to stream constantly for 4 years, 2 months, and 8 days! And that number would only rise as content is forever increasing as Netflix invests in more films and series!

So while many of us believe we are somewhat of an expert when it comes to suggesting to our friends what to watch on Netflix, we may actually be fooling ourselves. As more competitors enter the market, including streaming giant Disney+, 2% will more than likely drop as our time is spent on other platforms. Netflix offers thousands of titles for us to browse. We may only be watching 2% because we spend half of our life choosing a new show!

Murder mystery
Credit: Netflix

Are you shocked with these figures?

It looks like we may all have to step our game up if we want to enjoy the year’s worth of content we pay for each month. Netflix recently highlighted the most popular movies on the platform, and we can’t wait to see what else they bring!