Space Force Bloopers Have Dropped & They Are Amazing!

An image from space force
Credit: Netflix

Space Force hit Netflix over a month ago now. While we have had no news yet about whether a second season is coming our way, we’ve still been loving the sitcom, with many fans rewatching it already! The comedy has received mixed reviews, but overall, viewers are wanting more episodes to answer tons of questions. For now, we just have to wait. We think these bloopers will satisfy the time in the meanwhile!

The Netflix Original consisted of only 10 episodes, and while they were amazing, we’ve been wanting more. This Blooper reel has reminded us of how much we need another season! All of our favorites, including Steve Carell, John Malkovich, and Lisa Kudrow, have some amazing outtakes. Check them out below, you won’t regret it!

The main actors in Space Force may be comedians, but even they can break character once in a while. Carell is particularly shocking at this. His overacting while at the gym is amazing! And we just love how he chokes on smoke!

The above 5 minutes is definitely what we all needed in these difficult times. Space Force, co-created by The Office’s Greg Daniels, is full of hilarious moments. If you are like us though, sometimes bloopers capture the best moments. And we were amazed to see the money behind the comedy. Like they used an actual helicopter?!

We’re excited to see if another season is coming our way. Netflix experts suggest that the company uses data from the first month a series drops to make a decision on future seasons. Space Force remained in the Top 10 list for a number of weeks, meaning it is more than likely more is coming. Keep your fingers crossed people!

Steve carell and donald trump
Credit: Reddit

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