Stranger Things Creators Sued For Stealing Idea

The duffer brothers
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One of our favorite Netflix Originals has made headlines this week, and not for good reasons! While millions of fans are waiting for the fourth season to hit the streaming service, its creators, the Duffer Brothers, have been dealing with a lawsuit. Matt and Ross Duffer, along with Netflix, is being sued for allegedly stealing the idea for the show. What does this mean for Stranger Things?

A production company named Irish Rover Entertainment has claimed that the concept of Stranger Things has been stolen from its own TV series project called Totem. The lawsuit details the similarities of both shows. Jeffrey Kennedy was responsible for Totem’s “plot, sequence, characters, theme, dialogue, mood, and setting as well as a copyrighted concept art”. He later went on to provide the concept art for Netflix’s Stranger Things.

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Does Totem sound a little too familiar?

As both shows have someone linking the two together, it seems some of the ideas used for Totem were carried over to Stranger Things and used in the series. Kennedy suggested that the idea for Totem was inspired by the death of a close friend who suffered from epilepsy. The lawsuit explains that “during their childhood together in rural Indiana, Osthimer and Kennedy dealt with the constant threat of Osthimer’s ‘personal demon’, epilepsy, which created ‘lightning showers’ in his brain. These lightning showers or seizures would send him to an alternate supernatural plane where the demon resided.”

As you can see from the description above, both shows have a very similar premise. Both scripts even involve a young girl with supernatural powers. As Totem and Stranger Things have nearly identical plots, the Duffer Brothers are now having to deal with the lawsuit in order to clear their name. Both shows even a ‘dark spirit’. A Netflix representative has spoken out on the issue, with a statement explaining that “The Duffer Brothers had never heard of him (Kennedy) or his unpublished script until he began threatening to sue them. After we refused to give in to his demands for a payoff, he filed this baseless lawsuit. There is no shortage of people who would like to claim credit for creating Stranger Things. But the truth is the show was independently conceived by The Duffer Brothers, and is the result of their creativity and hard work.”

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Let’s hope things are sorted soon!

So it looks like The Duffer Brothers may have a fight on their hands to protect the show and their creativity. Let’s hope things get sorted – we just want more episodes now!

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