Stranger Things S4 Might Not Be Set In Hawkins…

The boys in stranger things
Credit: Netflix

Hawkins has been the home for Stranger Things for the past 3 seasons. As fans of the Netflix Original will know, the season 3 finale highlighted how the trouble had not ended and Hawkins is not safe. We also believed Hopper had died. But thankfully, the Valentine’s teaser trailer had us all shook as it revealed he is in fact alive. With this being said, we know that Hopper is in Russia, and the Byer’s family have moved away. With news spreading that people have been murdered in Hawkins, could this mean the newest season focuses on a new location?

The supernatural series continues to shock and amaze us as each season comes our way. Season 3 especially had moments that left us grabbing for the tissues. The third season will more than likely be remembered as the season that changed everything. Eleven believes Hopper has died and Mrs. Byers has taken her under her wing. Furthermore, the residents of Hawkins are now left with a destroyed Star Court Mall and speculation of what really happened. In normal circumstances, this would lead to a community fleeing from its town. If the Mindflayer needs people, could that mean that season 4 leads us onto another town?

The gang in hawkins
Credit: Netflix

Everyone is leaving…

Now, viewers of Stranger Things will know that the Russians do incredibly well at hiding what truly lies beneath their experiments. The Hawkins Police will more than likely cover their tracks after the season 3 event. But could information soon leak about what has been unfolding in Hawkins? If this is the case, we may be seeing a whole new upcoming season.

Hopper also appears to be held hostage in Russia, another reason for believing that S4 could be leaving Indiana behind completely. Residents must have seen the giant creature attacking people in the town. Will the new season follow the gang in another town OR could it still be based in Hawkins as we watch the chaos take place as the residents catch on to what lies beneath?

A Redditor has spotted that at the “end of S3 shows a TV news network called Cutting Edge reporting on the events of the Battle of Starcourt, mysterious deaths in the town, etc, but it’s all ‘watered down’. They say [Jim] Hopper [David Harbour] died in a fire, there are chemical leaks, and so on. How do you think this will affect Season four, and the rest of the show going forward, now that the general public is at least sort of in the know about what’s happened in Hawkins?”

So could this be the end for Hawkins?

It makes sense really. Once word gets out that Hawkins has been keeping a very dangerous secret, residents are likely to scramble out of their. Which could cause an epic and dramatic episode if you ask us. And also the fact that over half of the main cast are no longer in the quaint town. We seriously can’t wait for the newest season.

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