Terry Crews Plays The Brooklyn Nine-Nine Theme On A Flute

Terry Crews Playing The Flute
Credit Terry Crews NBC

Just when you thought Terry Crews could get any cooler, he has now uploaded a video to TikTok playing the opening theme of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on the Flute!


Just learned a little something on the flute!! 😉 #Brooklyn99#xyzbca #xyzcba #xyzabc

♬ original sound – terrycrews

The video is captioned “Just learned a little something on the flute!!” and fans are going mad for it! The short clip already has 29.2 thousand shares.

This isn’t the first time we have seen Terry Crews’ flute playing skills. In an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Holt actually teaches Terry to play the flute and like many scenes from the show, it’s hilarious!

Credit NBC Brooklyn Nine-Nine

But this only scratches the surface of Terry Crews’ many talents, he is also an artist specialising in furniture and decor. A passage from Bernhardt Design mentions how Crews “Expanded on his love of craftsmanship and his extensive background as an artist and illustrator, Terry established design house AMEN & AMEN.”

Terry Crews
Credit CNN

Crews also recently made headlines when he announced that the forthcoming Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes would reflect current events. We can assume this is regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. You can read our full article on this here.

Actor, Flute player, Actor and NFL star (Yep, he was also in the NFL) is there nothing that this man can’t do?