The Lord Of The Rings TV Show Begins Filming

The Lord of the Rings cast
Credit Newline Cinema, WingNut Films

The filming of the new Lord of the Rings TV show was supposed to begin earlier this year but it was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The show is being filmed in New Zealand, where the majority of the films were also shot. As reported by Deadline, the show is among five shows that have permission to film in New Zealand with border exemptions.

The crew includes a total of 206 foreign members along with 35 family members. Filming is expected to last for six months and the show is set to stream on Amazon Prime next year.

Galadriel in the golden sun looking happy and smiling
Credit: WingNut Films, Return of the King

Two episodes of The Lord of the Rings had reportedly completed filming before the country went into lock down. With particularly strict restrictions, New Zealand have successfully managed to record days of no positive tests for the virus.

The nation announced that there would be no restrictions on public gatherings earlier in June. However, borders had remained closed to foreign visitors. New Zealand were quick to react and immediately shut schools and businesses from the 25th of March.

MBIE estimated that giving production companies to film in the country will bring $400 million back into the economy for New Zealand.

Weird looking orc looking off camera
Credit: New Line Cinema, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

It was announced earlier this year that the casting crew were looking for people to play orcs. So if you fancied your hand at a bit of acting why not audition?