The Office Cut This Storyline From The Finale

Kevin from the office
Credit: NBC

The Office Finale may have ended over seven years ago. But for many of us, it’s one of the best endings to a show ever. While millions of fans would have wanted it to continue forever, the mockumentary sadly had to end after 9 years on the air. While we loved the two-part finale, Brian Baumgartner has revealed that there was a secret storyline cut from the episode!

First of all, we must say, Brian Baumgartner revealing this rings very similar to his character in The Office. Kevin Malone struggled to keep secrets. And we just love that in real life, Baumgartner has told the world behind the scenes information that nobody knew! As fans will know, we see Kevin fired from Dunder Mifflin by Dwight, where he ends up instead owning a bar. But while viewers were only given a little information, Baumgartner disclosed that there was an entire backstory that was cut about how he came into the profession!

the office finale
Credit: NBC

The actor suggested that the storyline came from the fans, as he became a fan favorite of the show. But while writers would have loved to include a more in-depth look into Kevin’s character, they wouldn’t have been able to fit the rest of the storyline into the last 40-odd minutes of the show. Baumgartner explained that “It’s funny, the idea behind Kevin getting a bar in the finale was actually born out of the idea that when the documentary aired, that people would love Kevin. There was a whole storyline… Greg Daniels, what he wrote for the finale could have been four hours of television. So there was more to that story.

The Malone character continued to explain that Kevin owning his bar came from people who loved the show. He got the bar in the last episode in part from people who loved his character when the documentary aired on the show. That was where that came from. There were scenes that were shot that didn’t make it, because of time, about him becoming kind of a cult fan favorite based on the fictional documentary that aired”. We’re sad that we didn’t get to see more of Kevin. This is why we all want a reunion so badly!

Dwight and kevin at the bar
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Thankfully, the love for The Office hasn’t ended. And the cast know that, as Baumgartner has a new podcast, John Krasinki hosted a reunion on his YouTube channel, The Office Ladies host weekly episodes and Leslie David Baker is bringing us a spin-off show!

Baumgartner suggested that there has been some conversations about everyone coming back together. “We were going to begin to lose more cast eventually. I’m not saying something was imminent… ER ran for 20 whatever years. George Clooney leaves and they bring in somebody else, and this person leaves and they bring in somebody else… I call it the ER Factor. The Office could have run 20 years, it could still be on today, I truly believe that. With a different cast, with different people circling in and out of Dunder Mifflin”.